YouTube Still Video King

YouTube provides better viewers

In a recent report, the use of video on YouTube was looked at in comparison to some of the other platforms out there. PTC Computer Solutions has always been advocate of YouTube, but it hasn’t always been the choice of our clients. It’s a mistake they make in spite of our recommendations.

This typically generates a wide range of responses, some of which are not all that pleasant. Facebook lovers are Facebook lovers. It is reminiscent of Apple lovers. Some people are so brand conscious that they are blinded by the facts. Some people were shocked and disappointed. They just don’t go over to YouTube and don’t see it as a social platform. YouTube is most definitely a Social Platform. In fact, it is the most underutilized Social Media Tool out there.

For those clients who have listened to our recommendations, almost all of them have applauded the move. Either, they don’t watch videos on Facebook or they have moved to YouTube and found the results to be better. They have realized that YouTube is their preferred place for video viewing and video distribution.

Our experience here at PTC Computer Solutions after working so hard through the years to generate interest in YouTube shows some interesting and highly relevant data. What we’ve found is that when we post our ideas on marketing, we get a higher percentage of viewers completing their viewing experience as opposed to a large number who do not watch the videos through to completion.

The good news: On YouTube, about 50% of the people who watch each video actually make it to the end. That is exceptional compared to Facebook, which is almost always less than 1% for the exact same content.

The data from Facebook is somewhat misleading. The misleading part: It “looks” like a lot more people are watching on Facebook because the view counts are deceptive. Facebook counts what’s really a drive-by impression of 3 seconds as a view. On YouTube, a view is 30 seconds or more.



The math is not difficult, but let’s take a look. So, if you get 5000 video views on Facebook and 1% make it to the end, that’s 50 people. If you get 1000 views on YouTube and 50% make it to the end, that’s 500. Again, the math is not the hard part. That’s an improvement of over 10 times. Which would you rather have, 50 or 500 people make it to the end? I don’t think the question requires an answer. We know the answer and it’s an answer that our clients have been pleased with.

From our experience, we’ll take the lower YouTube views every time because people are actually engaged with the content while watching on this platform. Imagine if Facebook only counted a view as consisting of a viewing time of 30 seconds or more. But, they don’t and we marketers get perplexed.

While our PTC Computer Solutions Facebook page has a significant viewership, we are more excited about our smaller following on YouTube. But, those who go to YouTube are going for the purposes of looking at video. They are there to watch until the end, not break off before they’ve had a good look. The data is clear, YouTube is the better platform for your videos.

PTC Computer Solutions advises businesspeople interested in retail AI applications to look closely for successful traction in AI use cases (i.e. applications that actually drive profitability for the firm, not flashy R&D projects) from Amazon and other large players over the coming 18 months.

David WB Parker is a principal of Parker Associates of Jacksonville, Florida, marketing consultants to the real estate industry; President of PTC Computer Solutions, IT Specialist, and an active real estate sales professional with PARFAM REALTY based in Jacksonville, FL.  He can be reached at 904-607-8763 or via email

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