Which Social Media Platform is Best?

Most Companies Use Social Media, but Which is Best

It’s not a question of using Social Media, just a question of which ones are best for the purposes of the business. Not all platforms are worth the time and effort depending on the business. There are a number of excellent tools for a business to use when thinking about spending time, and money, on the social media efforts of the company. The main contenders are:

PTC Computer Solutions has been involved with Social Media since the beginning of what we now refer to as Social Media. Facebook was the big player now, but it was not the first, by any means. Early players in the field such as SixDegrees, Friendster, and MySpace had strong followings. LinkedIn came along after those and then Facebook made its rather docile debut. Now, of course, it has the largest following and thus demands our attention.

How Often Should You Post?

As such, Social Media requires being social. However, after initially becoming absorbed with being social around the world, we, as a people, have begun to back off some of the obsessive behavior we have shown in the past. Though all of the platforms require regular updates to maintain their sociability, we don’t recommend getting carried away with it. If you have something relevant and timely to your business to post, then do it by all means. But, we don’t recommend posting for the sake of posting. Too often can be detrimental to your message. Stay on task and only as frequent as necessary. Most businesses don’t need to post more than a few times a month to maintain their sociability.

What Should You Post?

Here at PTC Computer Solutions, we maintain many Social Media Campaigns for our clients. It’s good to have a message and even more important to not just repeat yourself on each platform. Your clients are smart enough to see that and it will turn them off of you. We don’t recommend necessarily repeating the same message on each, but it is more time consuming (and costly) to come up with different messages. We highly recommend you come up with unique messages for each, but I understand that you may want to minimize the cost. That being said, each one of these has some different requirements and some different expectations as well as different consumer groups.

  • Facebook – 35 years or older – messages should be robust and offer details, pics a must
  • Twitter – all age groups – messages should be short and to the point (280 character limit including spaces), pics optional and often distract but could be added if needed
  • Pinterest – 40 and under – short message, pics essential
  • Instagram – 35 and under – short message, pics essential
  • Houzz – all ages – robust descriptions and pics
  • Website Blog – all ages – robust descriptions and pics

The facts are that women are the main influencers on buying decisions. So, you want to have a strong female contingent of your outreach. We have some statistics and demographics below so you can think about it. But, two  posts per month with input from both business personnel and professionals in the field should be sufficient to engage your clients.

Facebook Is the Alpha Male

Most would not contest that Facebook is the “Big Daddy” of the Social Media world, but there are other contenders for Social Media attention. Though there are more people on Facebook, by far, than any other platform, it is not the only media to turn to when considering which platform to focus on.

Focus on Facebook, for sure, but look at some of the others for your business to make sure you have them covered. For the Real Estate field, Houzz is an excellent alternate choice. YouTube is often overlooked and really should be considered in your decision, but we have lots of other posts on this you can read up on about YouTube.

Below, we have assembled some statistics and demographics for the different platforms mentioned here. Feel free to take a look at these and provide your feedback.

Contact us here at PTC Computer Solutions to help understand the retail market and business technology of today.  For more on the ever evolving Retail market and how to stay involved and relevant, contact us today.  We work hard to stay ahead of the cutting edge and can assist your projects in understanding where you should be putting your efforts.

David WB Parker is a principal of Parker Associates of Jacksonville, Florida, marketing consultants to the real estate industry; President of PTC Computer Solutions, IT Specialist, and an active real estate sales professional with Barclay’s Real Estate Group based in Jacksonville, FL.  He can be reached at 904-607-8763 or via email davidp@ptccomputersolutions.com.

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