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Buyer Psychology

10 Tidbits Every Seller Should Know Buyers, like anyone, have some tendencies when looking to procure a product. As a seller, these are some things that you should know. PTC Computer Solutions has worked hard since 1996 to understand the psychology of buyers. Here are ten things that every seller […]



Dynamic Audiences in Google Analytics

Reach More Customers with Dynamic Audiences For businesses to make the best decisions about where to invest their marketing budget, it’s critical that they understand user behavior on both their web and app properties. And while a website is often the first customer touchpoint, for many businesses, apps are where […]

Best Practices: 3 Key Factors Search Engines Look For

Best Practices: 3 Key Factors Search Engines Look For When it comes to proactive web maintenance, the principal goal is to keep your website running at optimal levels at all times. That means search engine visibility is one of the most integral parts of your website’s performance. To reach a […]

#1 On Google

So, you want to be #1 on the Google search.  No problem.  You get emails every day promising this.  Anyone can do that, right?  Wrong!!!  No one can promise that, no matter what they say.  With the changing dynamic that IS the internet, there is no way to guarantee you […]