Secrets for Effective Marketing Online

Secrets for Effective Marketing Online

When you begin with a marketing campaign, be aware that there are some things to consider.  You don’t want to offend anyone with some inappropriate content or by violating one of the many unwritten Internet rules.  This and ensuring an effective strategy that is making the most of the budget.

  • Yelling
    • Don’t use too many capital letters in anything.  It’s considered yelling to most, especially the old social networkers who have been around since before the days of Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on.
  • Use “White Hat” Tactics
    • Use tactics to make a website as acceptable as possible to both visitors and search engines, without attempting to manipulate the search engines.
  • Balance Competition vs. Search Volume
    • Some terms might be relevant and offer many potential visitors so that any level of competition is worth it. If you have any chance of gaining a front-page ranking for it, you have to try. Sometimes, it’s worth it to brave the competition, because the traffic is so rich.
  • Make the Most of It
    • Analyze every product or service you offer. If they can be subdivided into smaller sub-products or services, do it, and write about each of them. The more terms provided, the greater the chances that someone searching for your services or products will find them.
  • Keep the PPC Keyword List Concise
    • The fewer keywords utilized in an ad group, the better. Have no more than 30 keywords in an ad group. The more targeted and more specific the ad group, the more benefits from search engines in terms of PPC, relevancy, and ad position.
  • Choose Proven Keywords
    • Google has a free site that’s dedicated to tracking trends on keywords over time. On the Google Insights for Search site (, any keyword can be entered to see how many searches were made on it as far back as 2004. Filter searches by location worldwide and by time ranges, as well as compare keywords.
  • Keep Separate E-Mail Lists
    • Most media entities accept press releases via e-mail and will post additional e-mail addresses for communicating newsworthy information person to person. Permission, privacy, and professionalism matter just as much to the media as they do to the consumer. Contact your media professionals and ask them to be on your press release list before you start sending.
  • Make Sure People Know E-Mails Are from You
    • Because recipients likely receive many e-mails a day, you need to ensure that they know who has sent your e-mail – otherwise, it might just end up being deleted. Ask yourself how your audience is most likely to recognize you, and craft your From line to include that information.
  • Stay Virtual In the Real-World
    • If you’re hosting an event at a physical location and you’ve promoted it via Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media, try to have a laptop and an Internet connection onsite. Posting an occasional note, photo, or video will create an impromptu audience.

Keeping these secrets in mind when engaging an online marketing strategy will help you be successful.  Don’t forget to stay engaged with your prospects regularly but not too often.  You want to be helpful, not a nuisance.  Happy marketing!

David W. B. Parker


PTC Computer Solutions


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