Search Engine Domination

Search Engines are still dominating the online world.  Almost everyone who uses the Internet uses a Search Engine of some kind or another.  The predominant Search Engine is Google, but others make up the whole of how people find things online.  We all know the Good Giant of the Internet, don’t we? Yes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the nice guy working hard with its genius minions, Search Engines, to make sure that no effort goes unnoticed.

SimilarWeb’s global search marketing report shows that a majority of desktop users locate a new shopping site through search engines.  There are some other numbers that jump out at us:

  • 93% – Of all online experiences, 93% begin with search engines.
  • 300% – Outbrain has observed that searches through search engines drive the highest number of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%.
  • 82% – 82% of all marketers state that the effectiveness of SEO is increasing steadily.

Origin of Awareness

Awareness of a web site can come from many different marketing media.  The following is the percentage of interactions people reported as being means of awareness:

  • Mail 6%
  • Display Ads 3%
  • Social 9%
  • Referrals 3%
  • Direct 9%
  • Search 0%



Small Businesses Prefer In-House SEO

There are only a handful of companies that know the correct way of retaining their positions in the good books of the Good Giant.  One big secret is to make sure that everyone on the team is savvy with the tricks of the trade.

Small businesses prefer having an in-house SEO Team over hiring an SEO Agency.

  • In-House SEO 5%
  • SEO Agency 5%
  • Other 0%

Moreover, it is extremely likely that they will continue with in-house SEO.



Small Businesses will stay with In-House SEO


The BIG QUESTION is, whether to send out your staff to enroll in SEO classes or to call in a trainer or (and this is the cheapest option) to ask your employees to study online.  It’s a tough decision to take, we know, but let’s try to make it easier for you.


  • First, your company may not – in fact, does not – have the same SEO requirement as the one on the next block.
  • Second, not everyone on the team has the same learning ability.

Yes, you got it. The first wise decision is to choose a training course that best fits your business and your employees.

Let’s see what the options are:

  • Pros
    • Offer a lot of packages to choose from.
    • Usually free; the only investments are time and internet
  • Cons
    • Packages offered may or may not fulfill your requirement
    • The best courses are paid, and most of the free ones are usually up selling some other service.
    • Some employees may require dedicated guidance.
    • Many doubts may never be clarified from online information.
  • Pros
    • Usually offer several packages to choose from.
    • Everything is managed with a professional approach.
    • A lot of information is covered over a short period of time.
  • Cons
    • Packages offered may or may not be suitable for your needs.
    • Duration of courses is fixed and cannot be customized.
    • Everyone may not be able to keep up with the pace.
    • Some may find it bothersome to tread off their regular routine and go to the training center.
    • You have to bear your employees’ travel and food expenses.
  • Pros
    • Courses are tailored to fit your need precisely.
    • Duration of course can be customized.
    • Every question always finds an appropriate solution.
    • All kinds of learners are given necessary attention.
    • Training is combined with hands-on activity for better understanding of how SEO works.
    • Encourages teamwork.
    • Employees will receive their training in the office premises.
    • No additional travel or lunch expenses.
  • Cons
    • All necessary arrangements need to be taken care of, like laptops projector, training room, food, and travel expenses of the trainer.
    • Employees lack the opportunity to interact and share knowledge with people from other offices.

To us, it looks like bringing in a trainer is the best option to receive a tailored solution to your SEO training needs.


  • 67% of the material available in a public training course is irrelevant to the attendees’ requirement.
  • However, 100% of the content offered by an in-house trainer is relevant to the team’s need.



Hours of Training


  • The Fortune 100 “Best Companies to Work For” invest 35 hours more than what other companies do for dedicatedly training their full-time employees
    • Fortune 100 Companies – 73 hours of training
    • Other Companies – 38 hours of training
  • Employee turnover in these companies is 65% less than others in the same Industry.
  • With proper training, as much as 143% ROI can be expected over a period of only 1 year.



A study shows that people remember Lessons best when working with a trainer.

  • 75% – PRACTICING – Working with a trainer, Hands-on Activities
  • 20-75% – PARTICIPATING – Discussion, Demonstration, Exercises
  • <20% – RECEIVING – Audiovisual, Reading. Listening


  • 90% of things that learners hear are forgotten within 2 weeks unless it is reinforced.
  • So, you know, just hearing is not enough. Your employees need hands-on activities during their learning session. And, it is only by bringing in a trainer that this can be achieved.


Bringing in an SEO trainer is a one-time investment and the advantages are many.

  • Myths get out and facts get in.
  • The entire team receives up-to-date SEO knowledge.
  • Everyone stays on the same page and the process speeds up.
  • The team can receive answers to any questions they might have.
  • You can get your website reviewed and evaluated for appropriate training needed.

PTC Computer Solutions works extensively on understanding the Search Engines and what they are looking for so that SEO on your website is effective.  The Search Engines are not stagnant in this process.  They regularly change what they look at in order to catalog your site.  Having a website that has the kind of SEA (Search Engine Awareness) you are looking for is something that needs continuous effort.  Train your employees or hire an agency that can handle it for you such as PTC Computer Solutions.

As edited and modified by David WB Parker, President and Founder of PTC Computer Solutions

If all of this befuddles you belittling your being begging your brain to be foddered belying your intellect…not to worry, PTC Computer Solutions has a team of experts on this stuff and we’re here to help. It’s what we do.

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Online marketing is an incredibly dynamic environment with a tremendous number of moving parts. It is a constantly changing world. You do what you do best. Let us do what we do best. Keeping involved and staying ahead of the latest improvements is what we do at PTC Computer Solutions.

If you are looking to get noticed on the Internet but don’t know where to begin, let PTC Computer Solutions help you get started or help improve your current website and website marketing plan and budget. Among everything else we do, PTC can plan a full marketing strategy and budget for your company and complete any marketing efforts, web or otherwise, you wish to achieve in order to deliver a consistent and effective message to your prospects.

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