Scooter Swarm

On the Move

Perhaps you have noticed the scooters on every corner from Coral Gables to Indianapolis to San Diego and beyond. The dockless scooters offer an alternative way to get around that is both simple and convenient. Offering a simple smartphone app, they can be unlocked, used, and parked without much more than a few minutes of understanding. But, they are not without their adversaries.


They are coming to cities all over the country and have been causing some ruckus. It’s not uncommon with new innovations. Enjoy them (or, not) while you can because they’re going to start getting regulated more rigidly. The unregulated electric scooter honeymoon is nearing an end. The scooters from Lime, Bird and other vendors have popped up in dozens of big cities in the past year or so, and their meteoric rise caught local governments off guard.

More than 30 states and D.C. have introduced e-scooter bills this year to address public nuisance complaints, a growing tally of injuries and other issues. Dockless scooters often clutter sidewalks and block wheelchair ramps. Coming regulations include public road bans, speed limits, and mandatory taillights.

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