2020 Marketing 101

Make a Lasting First Impression Thanks for the advice, I know. But, there are a ton of great ads that have been created through the years and so many of them fall short of this simple construct. With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s a good opportunity to talk about […]



2020 Should Continue to Be Strong for Housing

With 2020 ahead of us, we should take a look at the housing market and how it will continue to boom. Texas and Florida are still two of the best housing markets to be in, but there are some other big booming markets relative to their share of the market […]

PTC Interview with Tech Master David Parker on Micro Marketing

In a recent interview with the President of PTC Computer Solutions, David Parker, Biz Buzz host, David Sillick, discovers the future of Social Marketing. Not in the traditional means seen to date, but in utilizing Social Marketing to Micro Market to very small and specific Psychographic Sectors of the population. […]



Creating a Digital Estate Plan

Don’t Forget to Bury Your Digital Life Your digital footprint—including photos and videos, social media accounts, subscriptions, and online bills—will eventually outlive you, leaving family and estate executors to sift through the virtual remains. An executor does not automatically gain access to the accounts unless the deceased person has made […]

2020 Should Continue to Be Strong for Housing

With 2020 ahead of us, we should take a look at the housing market and how it will continue to boom. Texas and Florida are still two of the best housing markets to be in, but there are some other big booming markets relative to their share of the market […]



Meaningless Millennial Marketing

Demographics Are Useless but Psychographics Aren’t Marketers everywhere (should) already know their target market demographics – the easily quantifiable ‘who’, ’what’ and ’where?’. But a growing number of us are realizing that psychographics – the elusive reasons ’why’ our customers buy from us – are not only far more valuable, […]

Recent Retiree Revelations

Winter Buyers PTC Computer Solutions is always looking at data for our customers and for us to have a better idea of what people are looking for. We often attend Ideal Living conferences to ascertain what people are involved in and what they tend towards. In this recent report from […]



Happiest of Holidays

A Time to Reflect…and Reset The holidays always offers a time for us to pause and reflect on the good…and bad…times we’ve had in the past year or even further. As with every year, we at Parker Associates & PTC Computer Solutions wish you the best of holidays and an […]

Being Excellent

Make 4 Agreements with Yourself In business, being honest with your customer is one of the most important attributes a business can have. In today’s day and age, more than any other time in history, this is critical. People are smart. People are informed. People see through anything that isn’t […]



Why Plan Ahead?

The Importance of Planning It’s a question that everyone agrees is important. However, a surprising number of people, and companies, don’t do a very good job of planning, if they plan at all. We run across it all the time in Real Estate Development. And, with some projects, there are […]

Staying Focused

Success in Business Relies on Avoiding Distraction The Medieval Monks taught us a few key lessons. They understood long ago How to Reduce Digital Distractions. Yes! Digital Distractions. In this excerpt from an online article, there are many tricks to be learned. The Medieval Monks came up with some pretty […]



Planning Properly for 2020

6 Steps to Successful Projects In an economic environment where everything is clicking smoothly, we sometimes forget to plan sufficiently. 2020 may prove to be a turning point in planning. If you aren’t planning ahead sufficiently AND properly, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle, to use […]

4 Keys to Leadership Success

Doing the Right Thing is Imperative to Doing Right In any given situation, doing the right thing might be the result of good habits cultivated over a lifetime or might come about only after periods of trial and error, painful soul-searching or courageous risk-taking. Doing the right thing is directly […]



Slowing Growth for 2020

Resilience in 2020 We at PTC are always looking to the future. It’s the way businesses survive. Looking to the past is helpful, but having a feel for the future is critical. Of course, no one knows for sure what is going to happen, but let’s take an educated guess […]

Ideas for Capturing Holiday Business

Don’t Let the Holidays and Holiday Traffic Walk By With the holidays here, there are a number of people out shopping and looking around for all sorts of things. Don’t let them walk on by, capture them with a few straightforward ideas. Making an impression during the holidays is a […]



Text Content is Critical

The 3 Layers of Text We do a lot of writing at PTC for our clients. Between maintaining SEO and managing the Social Media of many, many clients, we have to put writing content at the top of the list of importance. It’s because of this that we have to […]

Top Web Marketing Solutions

“Top Web-marketing Solutions and Service. Fast, Efficient and Attention to detail. The Best!” Chris ParkerPresidentParker AssociatesJacksonville, Florida

Wonderful To Work With

“David and his team are wonderful to work with!” Debra HillPartner at FisherBroyles, LLPJacksonville, Florida

Experienced, Top Level Web Design

“David is very professional and he knows his game. He’s been doing web design since the very early roots of the internet. Experience is a must in this market and he knows it, and performs at a top level!” Curt ZimmermannRaintree GraphicsJacksonville, Florida

Professional, Honest, Friendly

“Dave is a very professional person who utilizes cutting edge technologies to deliver fast honest and friendly services. I recommend PTC Computer Solutions very highly.” Al Greenwald, Jr.A P Greenwald Jr Racing Stable LLCBunnell, Florida


Home Building Soaring

Home-building activity soars 12% to the fastest pace in more than a decade The home building activity continues to ramp up, but the team at Parker Associates is concerned about the election year downturn coming up. Traditionally, there is a fall off of home purchasing during an election year, especially […]

Smart Homes

Home Tech Takeover More front doors in your neighborhood will soon sport video doorbells as more homeowners and renters seek the security of 24/7 surveillance. An camera to help with outdoor security in your home, and users can tap into live HD video from anywhere. The latest devices feature a […]



Going Remote

The Jobs Going Offsite Remote work is already going mainstream. 17% of workers do most or all of their jobs from home or from some nonwork location. 36% of the workforce does at least a little bit of telework. Knowledge-based jobs are especially suited to being performed off-site…programming, marketing, writing, […]

Steps to Success

A Step by Step Guide to Being Successful At PTC, we hear it all the time. “Why isn’t my website successful?” or “Why am I not getting any business?” It’s seems like a simple question to ask, but it’s very complex. There is no “one” reason as to why you […]



Second Homes & Investing

Disposable Income Soaring Thinking about buying a vacation home? You’re not alone. Second homes  are highly sought after now as Americans’ net wealth and disposable income soar to their highest levels on record. Not only are folks eating out more, buying RVs and luxury goods, they’re increasingly looking for a […]

Affordable Housing Held Back

Economists identify an unseen force holding back affordable housing When the smoke cleared after the Great Recession, the home builders who survived were in a surprisingly strong position. They had fewer competitors and more power in their local markets. They have since built on that advantage, consolidating until many markets […]



Home Design Trends

10 Home Design Trends on the Rise See popular features and styles for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and more catching on with Houzz users lately. Home design journalist writing about cool spaces, innovative trends, breaking news, industry analysis and humor. Home Design Trends Homeowners Want What will homeowners be asking […]

Block Bad Website Bots and Spiders Tweaking .htaccess

Key Steps to Securing Your Site Bots are exceedingly common on the web. In fact, as of 2012, bot traffic exceeded human traffic on the web. That’s right; more than 50% of the hits on your website, on average, come from robots rather than humans as of 2012. These days, […]



Website Search Traffic Drop

12 Common Reasons Your Website Traffic Is Dropping Successful PR, media strategy, creative and advertising executives from Forbes Agency Council share trends and tips. For any business with an online presence, website traffic is important; the more visitors you have, the more opportunities you have to make your brand known, […]

US Home Price Gains to Accelerate through 2020

Mortgage Rates to Stay Low According to recent information from experts, U.S. home-price gains will accelerate through 2020. This source goes on to state that mortgage rates likely will stay below 4% through 2020. The team here at Parker Associates agrees that the market continues to look favorable for growth. […]



Millennials vs Boomers

Key Differences Between the Generations Generational differences are exciting to compare and contrast and sometimes the results may be surprising. Such differences have been the constant focus of many researchers, especially with regard to understanding how spending patterns and work values have changed over time. Baby boomers and millennials are […]

7 Best Ways to Create Successful Integrated Marketing

Strategies for developing a successful marketing campaign Today, marketers have more choices than ever regarding how and where to promote or advertise products and services. In addition to traditional methods, such as print advertising and direct marketing, you have email marketing, Web-based advertising and multiple social media sites, such as […]



Top Strategies to Web Redesign that Work

A Step by Step Guide to Redesign What catches your eye when you browse online? A website’s logo? Was it the color? Or perhaps you’re really interested in a certain post? Now ask yourself: Is there something (hopefully more than one thing) on your own website that will have someone […]

Have an Integrated Marketing Campaign

6 Things to Remember When Building an Integrated Marketing Campaign Social media has become a fundamental part of integrated marketing campaigns for all sorts of businesses. Having a strategy is critical. Read on for some key tips and best practices for any business, including a non-profit, wanting to run an […]



Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

Top 11 Website Redesign Questions It’s part of the world today and continues to be one of the top marketing strategies. It is hard to admit that your website is ugly or isn’t performing. But, chances are if you’re reading this article, it’s probably the truth. Your digital baby, if […]

LTV Tipping Point

The Key to a Good Mortgage The loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is a crucial factor if you’re buying a home and applying for a mortgage. So what exactly is this loan-to-value ratio, or LTV? An LTV ratio is simply the amount of money you borrow from your lender, divided by the […]



SEO Best Practices

8 Easy SEO Best Practices At PTC Computer Solutions, we are constantly being asked to help make websites more visible to the Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process you can apply in the creation of — or as ongoing maintenance to — your website. SEO affects your […]

Web Design Do’s and Don’ts

Here are 10 Web Design Secrets to Do and NOT to Do At PTC Computer Solutions, we’ve been involved with Website Design and Development since our inception in 1996. It seems like only yesterday where we were excited about being able to put a company website online for the World […]


Zero Energy Redefined

The Grid has redefined the potential PTC Computer Solutions has been involved in working with builders who work toward attaining that ultimate goal of “Zero Energy” homes. But, with many of the utility companies controlling the grid and the benefits of “Net Metering” once thought to be the solution, now […]