Online is King

People are Online

It goes without saying that doing business in this environment is far more capable online. People are online in larger numbers than ever. Businesses continue to work online and tools that allow for more remote operation are overflowing with new account sign ups. It’s the time to make sure your business is ready for being online and has focused on a Web Centric marketing plan.


Who’s Online Ready?

Focusing a business to operate online is a key in this environment and will be as important after this unusual time has passed. People are being forced to work online and after the learning curve is overcome will continue to work online to some extent. As many have begun to discover, working online remotely is not as hard as once thought.


PTC Computer Solutions has worked with many companies through the years who really understand the value of online operations and eCommerce. Those who are ready to handle all of their business online are ready for the future. If you haven’t geared your business to be Web Centric at this point, then you are probably struggling through this difficult time. Being online with as much presence as possible is where companies need to focus their efforts. If you’re a complete beginner, choose a course that offers an introduction to eCommerce. Cortney Fletcher’s eCom babes course cost is very affordable and can help fast-track your eCommerce skills.

It’s not just being online, but it’s being online in a manner your customers are looking for. Make sure you are doing the following:

  • Understand your customers – it’s not just putting up a website, but putting up a website people can use. Do your research. Understand WHO your customer is and WHAT they are interested in. Once you understand WHO they are and WHAT they want, then you have to figure out HOW to deliver to them.
  • Provide what they are looking for – this is the HOW part. How you deliver your products or services to your customers is critical in attaining and retaining business. They aren’t going to use your services or buy your products if you don’t know HOW to deliver to them.
  • Respond quickly and pointedly – there is nothing more frustrating, especially in this time period, than when a business doesn’t respond. And, a response that isn’t personal and to the point of answering what is needed isn’t much better. So, make sure to respond as quickly as possible with a message that shows your customer that you understand and are concerned. This is a time in the world where the speed and detail of the response is as critical as ever.

Parker Associates works extensively on understanding your market, your consumer, and your goals. We don’t take guesses, we take the time and commit the resources to researching the market and the consumer to make sure we get it right.  We are YOUR advocate by being the CONSUMER’S advocate.

Spend time looking at what you are trying to acquire, develop, or sell to learn how you can improve the success of what you are offering. Parker Associates helps understand the consumer by answering WHO will buy, WHAT they will buy, and HOW they will buy it.  When the research is completed and the analysis is done, having the answers to these questions will reveal what will provide the best success for your project.  Keep asking WHO, WHAT, and HOW and keep developing to fit the need.


Contact us here at PTC Computer Solutions to help understand the retail market and business technology of today.  For more on the ever evolving Retail market and how to stay involved and relevant, contact us today.  We work hard to stay ahead of the cutting edge and can assist your projects in understanding where you should be putting your efforts.

The REMA Team is an alliance of professionals in the real estate industry focused on research, data, and how it can be used in marketing and sales with our expertise in understanding and interpreting the data we gather for our clients.  We focus on ensuring that visualizations are clear and accurate, giving decision-makers confidence in their choices.  Data is data, but visualizing the data is what makes the difference.  Explore both the spatial and non-spatial data in several different formats to understand it fully such as mapping, charting, and tabular.  Interpretive data follows in qualitative, quantitative, and temporal data formats.  Understand what will suit your situation best.  We’d enjoy the opportunity to connect with you.  Contact us directly to discuss your personal situation.

The Parker Associates process starts with a confidential review and consultation to learn more about our processes. Then Contact Us to put Parker Associates to work for you.

David WB Parker is a principal of Parker Associates of Jacksonville, Florida, marketing consultants to the real estate industry; President of PTC Computer Solutions, IT Specialist, and an active real estate sales professional with Barclay’s Real Estate Group based in Jacksonville, FL.  He can be reached at 904-607-8763 or via email

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