Near Field Communication

Firms are Ramping Up Adoption of NFC

With companies increasing the adaptation of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, there is a large number of new advancements to be made in various fields, including marketing of all kinds. The NFC technology allows two chip-enabled “things” to wirelessly communicate quickly and securely over a distance of a few centimeters. NFC is currently commonly used for payments at stores via smartphones or smartwatches and to unlock doors using key cards.


Among the companies turning to NFC: carmaker Hyundai plans to use it to unlock and start cars. Cognac maker Remy Martin and luxury watchmaker Hublot are using NFC to prove their products’ authenticity and thwart cheap knockoffs. E-commerce giant Alibaba is investing in NFC to crack down on counterfeit goods. Germany’s Schriner MediPharm is launching drug labels equipped with the tech.

On another technical note, the year-plus supply shortage of semiconductors has finally eased because of declining demand caused by the global economic slowdown. The shortage of electronic components was severe, especially for discrete and passive chips, as demand exploded among makers of smartphones, appliances and other products. Prices were driven up, and many manufacturing companies hoarded components.


There is now a glut of memory chips, whose prices have fallen 30% in the past three month. Wait times for backlogged orders are falling for many discrete and passive chips, though shortages remain n other categories, such as rectifiers. Demand will increase again if the US strikes a trade deal with China.

Though you likely aren’t donning a pair of smart glasses at work just yet, usage in certain industries is climbing steadily as improved electronics make them more capable. Headset maker Vuzix has over 2,000 business customers, including telecom giant Verizon, for their glasses with video cameras and Internet.

Headsets can scan bar codes on cargo and ID people via facial recognition, for instance. They’ll pop up at airports, factories, warehouses, health clinics, etc. Microsoft’s new HoloLens 2 headset will open up even more possibilities.

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