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Marketing is a many faceted word.  There is more to marketing than sending out messages and plastering poster boards.  In fact, marketing is almost entirely about Meeting, Greeting, and Tweeting.

Meeting people on a personal level in terms that they might understand is one of the most important aspects of marketing your company.  This does not have to be a personal meeting with every prospect, but it has to be an effort to present your company on a level that can be understood by your prospect.  This can be done through Social Media such as Facebook and LinkedIn but especially must be conveyed in sending any emails and certainly on your web site.  Often, the web site is the second contact people have with your company.  It must be concise and focused on conveying the company quickly and thoroughly.  Often, web sites miss the point and lose the prospect.  Putting up a web site does not guarantee you any visitors and certainly not any clients.  You have to meet them on their terms.

Greeting people is a level that most companies miss out on.  People don’t just like to be presented with material.  People enjoy being engaged in and by the company.  What can the company do for them on a personal level?  What are the individual needs of clients?  How can this company provide for those personal needs?  It’s not enough to present the company through a “meeting” but must be conveyed through a “greeting” as to how connected and excited the company might be to work with the prospective client.  Meeting AND Greeting are essential in your marketing plan.

So, where does Tweeting fit in to all of this?  Tweeting has nothing to do with your client but has everything to do with finding and keeping your client.  Tweeting is a time consuming process for any company, but it doesn’t have to be time robbing.  Tweeting can be done as little as once a month or as much as several times a day with something as simple as a notification that things are progressing.  Prospects and clients alike enjoy the fact that they are being kept informed and that the company is involved in informing them.  It’s about confidence.

Keep your clients on a friendly basis by instilling confidence and insurance that you are working hard and working for their best interests.  Finding prospects by conveying the products and interests of the company and engaging them in what you are doing will convert them to clients.  It’s a cycle that works.

Meet, Greet, and don’t forget to Tweet!

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By David W. B. Parker
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