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If you aren’t blogging, then you’re missing out on a big potential with your marketing efforts.  Blogging of any kind is better than not blogging at all, but embedding your blog in your website is really the best way to go about it.  If you aren’t blogging, check out the following to set up a free blog site:

There are many more blog sites (here is a top 10 list – http://topsitesblog.com/blog-websites/) than time to mention, but these are some of the primary ones.

I’ve heard so many people mention that they don’t blog because they have nothing to say or can’t think of anything useful or even that they figure no one will read them.  They are DEAD WRONG!  Search Engine Robots read them.  If no human ever lays eyes on it, the Search Engine Robots will.  I will tell you, it is imperative that you blog and blog to your heart’s content.  Not for the people who may or may not read the blogs, but for the Search Engine Robots.

Blogging is more about entering useful and valid relevant content to get more Search Engine attention than anything.  Yes, it would be useful to make it interesting for the occasional human who will take the time to read it, but make sure to keep your blogging relevant to what your business is trying to do and put the keywords for your business in there.  Oh, and don’t forget to add links so people can find out more about your company and your business.

If you’re not blogging, get blogging now.  If you need help with blogging, contact David W. B. Parker at PTC Computer Solutions for more information.  PTC has been involved with blogging and embedding blogs in websites for maximum search engine exposure and efficiency for many years having begun web site design and development services for small and medium sized businesses in 1996.  We are ready to help you with all of your blogging needs.  Remember, “I Blog, Therefore I Am!”  At least, to the Search Engines, you are.

Keep on blogging.

David W. B. Parker is President and CEO of PTC Computer Solutions and has been involved in the design and development of countless web sites both nationally and internationally through the years as well as being a leading innovator on the following services: Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Ecommerce, Flash sites, Database driven sites, Intranets, Java, HTML, ASP, Flash, Miva, Search engine placement, Search Engine Optimization, Blog Set Up and Maintenance,Social Networking Set Up and Maintenance (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), Pay-Per-Click, Logo design, Micro-marketing, and much much more.  Contact info@ptccomputersolutions.com for free advice and answers to your probing questions on technology, the Internet, and networking.

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  • lvan

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