Going Micro and Mobile

Having a web site is a great thing…in fact, it’s mandatory in today’s business world.  But, having a web site is not enough if you’re not taking full advantage of all of the means by which people can find your web site.  Finding your web site and making it functional for the person viewing the site are two of the most important aspects of your web site.  Basically, it is about capturing as many people as you can and providing them the best experience for their environment.  Going Micro and Mobile can help by providing for more customized experiences and capturing more search engine awareness.

  • A single web site gives the advantage of being available to the general public, but it is not enough to bring everyone in.  Micro-sites provide for capturing more people to your site.  Micro-sites are smaller versions of your web site on separate domains whereby you provide a net to not only manage individual and definitive SEO parameters but also capture more traffic to your main web site.  They can be one page with links all linking back to the main web site, or you can get more robust with your micro-site.  Domain names are not the major cost of a web site, so buy as many as you want and set up your micro-sites to help cast your net further out there.
  • Everyone is talking about mobile, so you can’t ignore it.  But, there are ways to do mobile and ways not to.  Relying on your web site, designed for a computer screen to do the trick for a screen that fits in the palm of your hand is not going to cut it.  You need to rethink your mobile site and set it up, much like a micro-site, as a different design and feel.  The mobile experience should be different and the design should fit the need.  Redesign and rethink the mobile experience for what people want to see in a mobile environment.

So, don’t think small, unless you’re thinking of Micro and Mobile web sites.  They will help you capture more of an audience and allow you to customize the experience for the individual.

For more on this subject, or if you wish to talk further on how to set up a micro-site or mobile site, contact David W. B. Parker at info@ptccomputersolutions.com or go to our web site at www.ptccomputersolutions.com.

David W. B. Parker, October 2012

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