Data is NOT Analysis

REMA-Who-What-How-Diagram - defining your prospect

REMA-Who-What-How-Diagram – defining your prospect

Many businesses believe if they collect data they have some knowledge of what their prospects are interested in.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The fact is that data, in a traditional sense, is almost definitively unimportant in today’s world of diversity and change.

“Information is NOT knowledge.”  ~  Albert Einstein

Likewise “Data is NOT Analysis.”  The benefits of the World Wide Web are easy to denote, but it has also put a great deal of the reality of the world around us out of focus.  Focusing on the real data is no longer about the demographics of traditional marketing data, but on the Psychographics of what a businesses prospects are seeking.  Understanding the data is imperative.  PTC can show you how…

The PTC Computer Solutions Method is derived in large part from partner, Parker Associates, and the methods they’ve employed during their extensive business experience.  The Method combines the objectivity of quantitative market research with the creativity of extensive practical experience to formulate product and marketing strategies tailored to the specific characteristics of a particular client and their product potentials.

The process begins with Strategic Market Analysis designed and implemented in accordance with subsequent research and analytic phases organized in accordance with the combined 70 years of experience in guiding clients of real estate and other products by the Parker team. The resultant findings and recommendations provide a firm basis for detailing a Strategic Path for Product Development and Marketing Plans & Budgets culminating in successful product development.

Real estate research design requires expertise in three areas of application which includes first three phases below. The three research components are followed by a description of the Analysis and Recommendations process finalized by a description of the report format.

Phase 1: Research Design and Schedule

First is the content (responses) that provide optimum input toward meeting the purpose of the data.  In other words, the necessary information on existing and projected supply and demand for high potential uses at the location and/or with the given product. It is imperative to “Ask the right questions.”

Phase 2: Information Priorities

Second is the formatting and phrasing of easy-response questions to reveal the optimum input, including the issues of the number of choices and the order of priority in the subject matter of each. Information revealing the purchase characteristics of prospects or local residents and visitors to the product or area is included to reveal the personalities (Behavior Groups) of consumers as a guide to the Psychographics and expected consumer purchase behavior we must utilize to Target the prospect group.

Phase 3: Field Research

Third is the Field Research program to collect the necessary information germane to the purpose cited above. PTC Computer Solutions includes highly trained and experienced researchers within its organization for this purpose as well as critical online surveys to formulate a concise and precise line of questioning toward a clearly defined objective based on many years of experience in asking the right questions to get the answers that matter.

Phase 4: Analysis and Recommendations

Fourth is organizing summary information and generating worksheets with data results which are then subjected to detailed analysis in accordance with methods proven both fast and reliable for this work. Results are analyzed by experts with many decades experience in data analysis prior to defining conclusions and recommendations. Summary findings are defined and critiqued with the client to achieve consensus on the pertinent information.  There are intuitive knowledge bases that are explored with the client to ensure there is nothing missed in the analysis and recommendations.

Phase 5: Fast-track Report

The above methods, findings and recommendations are documented into a final report for transmission to the client containing projections of demand and supply data supporting recommended uses as well as specific detail on these uses and projected sales and/or lease information depending on the product as well as estimates of time periods and incremental revenues for the product sales or land sales/leases and specific support for report recommendations.

Tables and graphics always make understanding data clear.  PTC Computer Solutions utilizes extensive graphics in their reports to summarize data.  These images are explained in the report text to ensure understanding by both experienced and novice reviewers. Specific recommendations are described for strategic site planning.


Data is an important part of Analysis.  Without it, there can be no analysis.  But, without asking the right questions to define the results, there is little that can be gained by data.  It must be restated that data is not knowledge.  There is much more to data, and it is important to know how the data was formulated in order to understand what it means.

Are you getting important feedback and understanding of your prospects? Are you asking the right questions?  Are you interpreting what it means?  If all of this befuddles your brain, belittles your being, begging and befoddering your bioptics, belying your intellect…not to worry, PTC Computer Solutions is an expert on this stuff and is here to help. It’s what we do. Contact or go to our website at for more information. We are always at the ready.

Online marketing is an incredibly dynamic environment with a tremendous number of moving parts. It is a constantly changing world. You do what you do best. Let us do what we do best. Keeping involved and staying ahead of the latest technologies is what we do at PTC Computer Solutions. If you are looking to get noticed on the Internet but don’t know where to begin, let PTC Computer Solutions help you get started or help improve your current website and website marketing plan and budget.

Among everything else we do, PTC can plan a full marketing strategy and budget for your company and complete any marketing efforts, web or otherwise, you wish to achieve in order to deliver a consistent and effective message to your prospects. Contact David W. B. Parker (when you think of “W. B.” think of WeB) at or go to our web site at for more information.

By David W. B. Parker
PTC Computer Solutions

PTC Computer Solutions - Internet, Web Sites, SEO, Online Marketing


PTC Computer Solutions – Internet, Web Sites, SEO, Online Marketing

PTC Computer Solutions
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