8 Reasons to Embrace Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing Works


There’s no doubt that the video marketing scene is booming. But beneath all the hype, is it something your business should be using? The answer is an emphatic yes, and here are eight reasons why.

  • Perfect Mesh with Social Media. Video is the perfect way to make inroads into social media, particularly the traffic fire hose of Facebook. It’s estimated that around 100 million hours of video are served each day on that platform alone, and that’s not to mention YouTube, Snapchat, and all the other outlets.
  • Branding Exposure. If you’re looking to gain plenty of branding and exposure, posting a video to social is a no-brainer.
  • High Engagement. Reaching your social media audience is easier and cheaper via video than with other forms of content. Videos receive substantially higher engagement rates, meaning they’re shared and liked more consistently than text or images. Your viewers become your content promoters in a viral circle of exposure.
  • Excellent for Mobile. Mobile devices now account for more than half of all web traffic. Video is an excellent way of reaching these users, being especially useful for passing the time during daily commutes, gym workouts, and so on.
  • Low Barrier to Entry. Budget videos are widely seen as more authentic and credible than shiny corporate releases. There’s no need for Hollywood production values. Today’s widely available and easy-to-use consumer tech means it’s quick and easy to put together a basic video. It doesn’t take a lot of cash or equipment to get started, and with such speedy results which is why video offers an excellent return on a small investment.
  • Humanize Your Brand. Video offers a quick and effective way of bringing the people behind your company into view. This helps humanize your brand, giving it a personality, which works to convert visitors far more efficiently than any faceless corporate entity.
  • Show, Not Tell. Product demonstrations and how-to guides are much clearer and easier to follow in a video format compared to text and images. Showing your products or services in real-world use is a compelling way of promoting their advantages, and one that connects with your customers while also informing them.
  • Customer Support. These and other educational videos can take the load off your customer support department too. A large library of informative video content is a great resource to point your customers toward the first point of contact, providing a compelling and entertaining way of dealing with common questions.
  • Keep Pace with Your Competition. Lastly, most predictions say that video is a mainstay of future marketing. It’s estimated that it’ll be responsible for around 80 percent of consumer traffic within only a few years, and if you’re not laying the groundwork now, you’ll miss out. You can guarantee that your most savvy competitors are pushing themselves to the front of the line, and you can’t afford to be left behind.

The world of online marketing often attracts plenty of hype, but in video’s case, the enthusiasm is based on fact. It’s inexpensive, easy to start, and shows incredible results. If your business isn’t yet harnessing the power of Video Marketing, now’s the time to start.

The Surprising Lens You Need to Use

As good as it is, video will not solve all your sales and profitability problems. Hidden factors that you are not seeing underlie what holds you back from having the company and growth you now should be there. To break that logjam, you need the lens of a business consultant and coach more than the lens of a video camera.

Do You Need Video First or a Better Marketing Strategy?


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David WB Parker is a principal of Parker Associates of Jacksonville, Florida, marketing consultants to the real estate industry; President of PTC Computer Solutions, IT Specialist, and an active real estate sales professional with Barclay’s Real Estate Group based in Jacksonville, FL.  He can be reached at 904-607-8763 or via email davidp@ptccomputersolutions.com.

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