2020 Should Continue to Be Strong for Housing

With 2020 ahead of us, we should take a look at the housing market and how it will continue to boom. Texas and Florida are still two of the best housing markets to be in, but there are some other big booming markets relative to their share of the market as a whole. The housing growth that is expected to continue through 2020 will lend itself to other benefits.


The South and West have long led the nation in population growth. But a lack of affordable housing is hindering several states. Migration to many Western states has slowed, while migration out of California has picked up, most likely due to rising housing and living costs in the region. Only Arizona and Idaho are showing increased population in the West mostly due to rising levels of domestic migration. The South is similar with Florida still leading the way but also Georgia and South Carolina are seeing upswings.

Notably of the 11 States showing more than one percent gains in population, both Florida and Texas have showed even better gains. Texas and Florida showed awesome gains. Even more notable was Austin’s growth of over 2.6% in 2019 and an expected continuation of that trend in 2020. Housing will be in demand and many builders are prepared to deliver.


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