Top Blogs of 2017 by PTC Computer Solutions

We had some great Tech Tidbits for 2017, but there were some that really caught your eye over some others.  Looking at what seemed to be of primary interest provides an interesting insight into what people are thinking of for 2018.

AMD has launched its new generation of AM4 compatible series of Motherboards For PC which are considered as rivals to the costly X570 series motherboards or are alternative support for Zen 3 compatibility.

Read up on the Top Blogs for 2017 from PTC Computer Solutions

PTC Computer Solutions stays at the forefront of technology for the business world.  Our Tech Tidbits have been a favorite tool for those wanting to stay on top of the latest industry news and ideas.  Here is a list of the top 10 blogs for 2017:

      1. Recollections of David F. Parker

        – the most read blog of all our posts this year was, not surprisingly, the thoughts on the passing of my father, David F. Parker.  It was a bad turn of events for us at PTC Computer Solutions and our sister company, Parker Associates, but his remembrance was one not to be missed.

    1. Making Cents Out of Solar Photovoltaic for the Home…Cha-Ching!

      – this one is a game-changer for 2018.  There is no doubt where the American minds are for 2018.  Solar is the energy future and you don’t want to miss out on the latest information.  Making money from solar is also a win-win for everyone.

    2. Mobile Internet Users Surpass Home Internet Users

      – this is a bit of a surprise since it is an article from 2015, but the eyes of the public seemed drawn back to this interesting topic.  It’s true that most people are now use mobile as a primary source for looking at the Internet.  Don’t disregard the need to have Mobile Ready websites for 2018.  It’s a must.

    3. Marketing to Millennials

      – it’s no surprise to the team here at PTC Computer Solutions that Millennials are of interest.  Everyone seems fascinated by what the Millennials are thinking.  Of course, they now represent the largest group of buyers in the USA, so you’d better be ready to market to this group in 2018.

    4. Online Marketing – Have a Strategy and Implement It



      – having a strategy for online marketing is critical in getting the most Return On Investment (ROI) dollars.  But, even of greater importance, perhaps, is implementing the strategy.  Know what you are doing and know how to get it done to make the most out of your marketing dollars.

    5. 10 Tips for Leveraging Your Social Network

      – social media will continue it’s upward mobility in 2018.  But, it’s not always about volume.  Finding ways to leverage your social network in 2018 will be an important aspect of improving your ROI in 2018 and beyond.  Read these top ten tips to find out more.

    6. Crafting Compelling Emails

      – in this article, written in late 2016, the idea of creating emails that would intrigue the prospective reader was brought to the forefront.  Email is still the top dog when it comes to online marketing and will continue to be so in 2018.  Don’t miss out on crafting compelling emails to attract prospects to your website.

    7. Psychographic Tips for Knowing Your Buyer

      – what is it about the idea that people aren’t grouped in demographics so much as psychographics.  Clearly, this was of interest in 2017 and will be of continued interest in 2018 especially with the continued “pigeon holing” of people.  As we continue to put brackets around groups of individuals, the psychographics of those people will continue to be of increasing interest.

    8. Timing is Everything: When is the best time to send emails?

      – apparently, it’s not just about creating compelling emails, but also about when to send them.  Sending emails as part of your direct marketing campaign should be of critical importance in 2018, but also knowing when to get the most “bang for your buck” is of interest.  Don’t miss the window of opportunity in 2018.

    9. Guiding Prospects Through the Sales Cycle with Social Media

      – don’t forget to not only come up with a strategy for online marketing but to make sure to do something with the prospects you garner.  It is important to have a plan for moving people from prospect to buyer.  Guide your prospects with this step by step guide using social media as your tool in moving them to becoming a buyer.

There are many other blogs in our Tech Tidbits. If you did not find what you are looking for, another great resource for PC help is Don’t hesitate to go through them all as they are all of value.  Read these all again from a perspective of what might be of interest in 2018.  Enjoy and keep PTC Computer Solutions in mind for all of your online and technology needs.

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