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Look for special bar codes to pop up on more TV screens

As edited and modified by David WB Parker, President and Founder of PTC Computer Solutions

It is the era of QR Codes.  They have been floating around for a few years, but haven’t seen widespread attention as of yet.  This may be the year for them to pop onto the scene.



Smartphone users can scan the small labels known as QR Codes by using their phone camera and aiming it at the screen.  The QR Code is read quickly and triggers a link to a website on the Smartphone.  This can be tapped to find out more information on the product, enter a contest, and more.

QR Codes have been around for a while, but with the addition to TV ads and shows, the possibilities are vast.  Start-ups such as QRrabbit want to place labels on all sorts of video.  These codes not only will provide for more interaction with the viewers but will give advertisers and TV companies more detailed audience data that is now largely unattainable such as which commercials lead to a purchase.  The advertiser can also track location and other data on users who scan the code.

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By David W. B. Parker
President, MB-ITPM
PTC Computer Solutions

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