Original Music By Robert Parker

Robert T. Parker, Bob, is one of the most masterful creative talents ever to grace the audio channels.  After listening to his music, you will agree that not only can he find the uniqueness to any sound, but the beauty to any compilation.  He is both technically adept and creatively skilled.

The Bob Photos

Robert T. Parker loves to capture that which surrounds him either through his music or creative arts or through photographic means.  He is often capturing what makes him happy but is sometimes even captured himself in photographic proof of his existence.

The Music

The world should not have had to wait this long, but we have finally launched the Original Music by Robert T. Parker website.  Now, you can enjoy all the audio and visual pleasures that Bob has offered up to all of us.  If you love it as much as we do, shop it and share it.

Bob’s Back

Bob’s been in New Mexico for some time recording some new concepts.  But, he’s back in Florida.  Look for some new music coming soon.

Bob’s Cats

Bob loves his music.  But, Bob also has a passion for cats, in case you didn’t notice.  Check out the latest on the cats in the News & Info as it becomes available.  Here’s a picture for your viewing pleasure.

The Art of Bob

The creative juices run deep in Bob Parker.  He is a man who has no end to talent.  Bob has shown his experienced carpentry skills in a variety of creative sculptures and painted a number of fine art pieces throughout his life.  Enjoying Bob’s music is not dissimilar to enjoying his art.  It’s a free flow of emotion.  Enjoy it all here.

Shop Bob’s Stuff

Bob Parker has an extensive catalog of music and things.  Peruse and enjoy the lilting melodies and visionary delights that make Bob.  If you wish to purchase an extensive list of songs or would like a personalized compilation, contact us directly for special pricing and delivery.

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