The Internet of Things (IoT)

Will IoT affect the way we live?

More and more, there are incidents with moving forward with technology without fully vetting them in their operations.  Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant are devices that are the most visible of these with people complaining that these new devices are reacting when they aren’t asked to.  People’s concerns are that these devices are recording our conversations without our knowledge or desire.  PTC Computer Solutions has been involved with several clients who use these types of devices, but mostly similar Internet of Things (IoT) devices in their operations or projects.



The question becomes, “How will IoT affect the way people live in homes over the next few years?”

One of the biggest issues with IoT and homes of the future will be the concept of privacy. As we barrel ahead to connect anything and everything, we are quickly arriving at a point where all our devices in the house are connected, and even monitoring what we say to help provide additional conveniences. In the future, it may in fact be likely that homeowners will be required to post signage indicating to all that pass through the door that any and all of their conversations may be recorded and used in the future. That by entering the home, the person agrees to there not being privacy.

But, people aren’t even aware of the many things that are online in their home.  The IoT is the fastest growing element of the home with new devices coming out every day to assist us in running our home.  All of these devices are connected and able to be connected from the Internet.  This leaves them susceptible to attacks from hackers and other things.  It’s something we should be concerned about, but not overly concerned with.  Most connectivity from our home goes through a router or modem with built in firewalls.  So, the devices in our home are as protected as our smart phones and computers in the home.

Integrating devices in the home is the next step in the IoT integration.  Builders will continue to provide more and more of these devices in the home and providers will develop more ways for these devices to handle the home.  Find the devices that make sense.  Take your time and make sure you’re looking at the complete picture before you buy these devices. If you’re not secure in your abilities to develop your home IoT, rather than risk the potential of them, consider hiring a professional in the field such as PTC Computer Solutions. Your success depends on it.

PTC Computer Solutions works extensively on understanding the Needs of Our Clients and what they are looking for so that understanding of the Internet and business technologies for their needs and objectives is fully explained.  Don’t fail to meet your objectives with your IoT and other technologies.  Stay on top of things.  Train your employees or hire an agency that can handle it for you such as PTC Computer Solutions.

May 2018
David WB Parker
PTC Computer Solutions

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