To Macro or Micro, That is the Question


PTC-Computer-Solutions-Micromarketing and Macromarketing are two methods PTC Computer Solutions utilizes to maximize exposure on the Internet

To Macro or Micro, That is the Question

It has been commonplace in advertising to cast the net as wide as possible in order to attract clients.  A macro-world for a macro-environment, if you will.  It has mostly been about broadcast television and radio and billboards along the highway to attract the attention of every passerby.  These forms of Macro-targeting have their purpose, but perhaps it’s time to look at the potential of being more specific with your marketing dollar.  We can do better in today’s day and age, and we should be.

PTC Computer Solutions was recently involved in a project in Cartagena, Colombia…that’s Carta-hay-na, not Carta-hay-nya, please.  Michael Douglas infamously pronounced it wrong in Romancing the Stone in 1984 and so it stuck with lots of Americans.  It’s an interesting note in that Cartagena has not marketed itself well through the years.  Most people have no idea about what Cartagena is all about.  They are working on changing that, but you can see how a Macrotargeted movie like Romancing the Stone was able to affect a great number of people and many of those people have not visited and thus not become clients of the city.

Getting back to our PTC related client.  Our client is interested in trying to attract a very specific and likely small group of people to its product.  This is a case where Macrotargeting is not going to be very cost effective, where the Return on Investment (ROI) would be better off spent on a very specific marketing effort.  It’s time to microtarget for maximum effectiveness.

Microtargeting is the use of direct marketing datamining techniques that involve predictive market segmentation or cluster analysis to track individuals and identify potential customers.  Microtargeting relies specifically on transmitting a tailored message to a subgroup of prospects on the basis of unique information about that subgroup.  This might sometimes be referred to as narrowcasting or niche marketing, but they all rely on the same thing:  defining the demographic, and more importantly, the psychographic of the prospects.

Gathering data about people is a necessary part of any marketing.  This data can be gathered through surveys or opinions on a web site or some other means such as on hotel registers or visitor entry cards into the country.  We found that Colombia was not asking simple questions on their visitor information cards to garner information about those coming and going from the country.  It’s important data to have.  The databases should contain specific information about a particular individual such as why they are visiting and what their destination is, and why as well as identifying other activities and habits.  Not to worry, this type of data can be purchased and is available from commercial marketing vendors such as Acxiom, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Americas, and InfoUSA.

PTC Computer Solutions specializes in developing microtargeted marketing campaigns implementing such tools as: microsites, social media, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Awareness (SEA), WebPR, Blogs, and many others.  Don’t get caught spending more than you have to on broadcasting and macromarketing when you can be getting the most bang for your buck with Microtargeting in a narrowcasting environment with micromarketing.

Too much stuff to handle in one post?  Go to or contact PTC directly at and let us know some of your thoughts on this.  You want to create a website that encompasses all of these ideas AND satisfies you and your company needs.  It’s important that everyone is happy with your company website as you move forward.

If you are looking to get noticed on the Internet but don’t know where to begin, let PTC Computer Solutions help you get started or help improve your current website and website marketing plan.  We can plan a full budget for your company and complete any web marketing efforts you wish to achieve in order to deliver a consistent and effective message to your prospects.  Contact David W. B. Parker (when you think of “W. B.” think of WeB) at or go to for more information.

By David W. B. Parker
PTC Computer Solutions


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