Making Cents Out of Solar Photovoltaic for the Home…Cha-Ching!

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and the Home In working with builders of various kinds through the years, PTC Computer Solutions has often been asked whether Solar Photovoltaic on the roof make sense. Is it economical? Will it cost less than it produces? Is it easy to install? Can you wrap the […]



Online Marketing – Have a Strategy and Implement It

The Internet and the technology it has spawned created a new “moving target” prospect for marketing strategies. What works one month can become obsolete the next. Having a strategy is a critical component of any marketing program, but staying up to date with online technologies is a continual challenge.  The […]

Maintain SEO when Changing Domain or Page Names

How a 301 domain redirect can save your site’s SEO ranking This question of losing search engine ranking because of moving pages has come up a few times and unfortunately it is usually after they have switched domains and their site has tanked. It is much better to plan ahead […]



Repurposing Posts – 5 Top Tips for Reusing Social Media

Repurposing Posts   Repurposing Posts – 5 Top Tips Creating new posts is not always necessary to pique the interest of readers and clients alike.  Often times, there are posts that really touch people in a way that might have been or might not have been anticipated.  Some posts are […]

10 Facebook Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season 4

Best Facebook Marketing Tips for the Best Holiday Season By David W.B. Parker, MBA IT-PM 12/14/2016 Is Facebook part of your holiday marketing plan? Are you looking for tips to improve your holiday campaign? In this article from SME, you’ll discover 10 Facebook tips to widen your visibility and reach […]

Best marketing tips for Facebook posting for the holiday season

Crafting Compelling Emails

Crafting Compelling Emails By David W.B. Parker, MBA IT-PM 11/10/2016 Email ranks atop the most effective and inexpensive direct marketing even today.  All other online marketing techniques still pale in comparison to the effectiveness of email (in a recent Relevancy Group survey, 91% reported it to be the most effective […]



Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story By David W.B. Parker, MBA IT-PM 10/12/2016 It’s important to engage your prospects and clients in what you have to offer.  Do you want the power to motivate, persuade and engage? It’s simple.  Just learn how to tell a good story.  “There are lots of good stories, […]

Tips for Better Facebook Video Ads

Do your Facebook ads contain video? Looking for ways to enhance your Facebook advertising with video? Video ads are among the most powerful Facebook ad formats for generating user engagement. If you’re not using Facebook Video Ads, you’re missing the boat. Our friends at Social Media Marketing have recently defined […]


Vote Yes on Amendment 4 and No on Amendment 1 for the 2016 elections.

Solar Heats Up

Solar Heats Up With two upcoming votes in Florida on the future of Solar Energy, the argument over how energy is produced and used in the home is heating up.  Building Net Zero Energy homes depends largely on the use of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels established on the roof of […]

Six Ways to Improve Your Social Media

Six Ways to Improve Your Social Media If you’re using Social Media to help advertise or market your business, is it working for you?  If you’re not using Social Media, why not?  It’s mostly free to set up and run Social Media campaigns.  Understanding Social Media is a different story.  […]

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Beyond ROI

The True Impact Of Mobile Marketing Goes Way Beyond Direct ROI Mobile is much more powerful than the initial numbers from a basic ROI calculation may indicate. Yes, mobile can accomplish many marketing objectives, from boosting brand perception to increasing purchases, but integrating mobile into your strategy does more than […]

3 Tips for Three Seconds

Three Tips for 3 Seconds You have about 3 Seconds to interest anyone on the Internet.  People are scanning through lots of information every day.  Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or they are receiving email and having to go through tens or hundreds at a time.  If you’re […]



7 Ways to Improve Your Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a vital tool for generating awareness for your business on the Internet.  Many businesses and business people utilize LinkedIn as the social network of choice for interacting on a B2B level.  Do you want more exposure for your business on LinkedIn?  Are you utilizing the tools of LinkedIn […]

7 Insights into Data Driven Marketing

Marketing Trends Toward the Future INTRODUCTION Over the years, our survey of marketers at the annual DMA conference has shown tremendous changes in how they respond to the increased quantity and depth of consumer and business data available. Getting the most out of data is a multistep process. Some marketers […]

7 Tips to Data driven marketing.

10 Tips for Digital Marketing Success

From our friends at Chief Marketer, read through some tips for 2016. It looks to be another exciting year for marketing, with increased employment of behavioral marketing, a heightened focus on the customer journey, and promising new cognitive and predictive technologies opening up tantalizing possibilities for how marketing might improve […]

8 Tips for Email Marketing Success

There are many places to focus your marketing attention, but where to put your marketing dollars is often a question we get here at PTC Computer Solutions.  Should you focus on making a technological jump to a more sophisticated Email Marketing Solution?  And, if so, how can you best make […]

PTC Computer Solutions Email Marketing

Powerwall Energy Storage for the Home.

Energy Storage for the Sustainable Home

Having a sustainable home is something we all should strive for. Tesla announced their Powerwall battery storage system for the home in late 2014 and is now ready with a sustainable storage solution for your home in their Powerwall II.  Click here for a full review on the Powerall II […]

Secure, Safe, Sustainable Structures

StormSafe Structures: SECURE, SAFE, SUSTAINABLE Stanley Engineering & Construction, Inc. has developed a highly engineered method of producing high-strength structures and building components in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The inaugural product, StormSafe Structures is certified to withstand winds of 200+ MPH which protects against the kind of damages […]

StormSafe Structures.

A picture is worth a thousand words

A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

In Email Marketing, Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” made great sense in the world of print, but in the email world, it may not hold up. The highly visual nature of the Internet makes it tempting to fill […]

2016 Marketing Technology Predictions

2016 Marketing Technology Predictions The new year is upon us yet again as it seems to do at about this time every year.  Looking out for the Small and Medium Sized Businesses is what we do at PTC Computer Solutions.  There are a number of marketing predictions on trends I […]

Marketing Technology Trends and Predictions for 2016

Social Media Key Performance Indicators will make your social media networking marketing more effective.

Best Top 4 Tips to Improve your Social Marketing 1

How to Assess and Improve Your Social Media Marketing: A Monthly Plan Without a monthly plan for your social media marketing, you might as well forget implementing it at all. In order for social media to work for you as a marketing tool, it is imperative to not only have […]

Mobile Internet Users Surpass Home Internet Users

The International Telecommunication Union, the UN agency that that oversees communications and IT development, released its annual report about the state of internet connectivity around the world. South Korea remains the worlds most connected country, but the bigger news is that for the first time, mobile internet subscriptions have surpassed […]

Mobile Internet usage has surpasses the desktop usage on the Internet.

Ponte Vedra Beach Preserve new community.

Ponte Vedra Beach Preserve

CLIENT: Ponte Vedra Beach Preserve new community by Greenpointe Communities, LLC PROJECT: Ponte Vedra Beach Preserve Community Website COMPANY HEADQUARTERS:  Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida SERVICES: Website development, PHP programming, CSS, HTML, Java coding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography, Google Analytics, WordPress, Embedded Blog, Responsive Design DESCRIPTION:  A Place That Lives […]

How to Have YouTube Marketing Success 2

YouTube Strategy PTC Computer Solutions has been involved in planning, developing, and completing YouTube marketing strategies for years. We are YouTube specialists and have created many YouTube channels for businesses through the years. The importance of video today PTC believes that because relationships can be formed through digital communication and […]

YouTube Marketing Strategies and Planning for Success.

The Internet of Things.

People Aren’t the Only Things Connected to the Internet 1

People are connecting to the Internet at a continually rapid rate, but they pale in comparison to the number of “Things” connected to the Internet.  In a recent Forbes article, they covered some of these Things and PTC Computer Solutions wanted to impart our clients and prospects with some of […]

Millennials Are On YouTube

Young Audiences Follow Brands on YouTube One of the major forces drawing more advertising dollars to YouTube is its popularity with Millennials.  Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. Most researchers and commentators use birth years for the Millennials as […]

Branding to Millennials

Using Press Releases to Generate Buzz

How to use Press Releases to Generate Buzz

Businesses we work with at PTC Computer Solutions and PTC Communications often ask us How to use Press Releases to Generate Buzz.  The question is How do Press Releases “Filter Up” From Searches on Search Engines To become Blogs, Traditional Media and Social Networking posts. About PTC Computer Solutions Since […]

Using Twitter for Business

Using Twitter for Business and Marketing Is Twitter a part of your social media marketing? Or have you let your Twitter marketing drop off lately? In any case, with the trends in multi-screen usage and real-time marketing, you’ll likely want to take a fresh look at what Twitter has to […]

Using Twitter for Business and Marketing

Tips for Using Google+ as a Business Tool 1

Google has been making headway in the Social Media arena. Google+ is a way to interact with a variety of social software, but, with Hangouts, there is more that can be done to interact with prospects and customers. How to use Google+ Hangouts for Business? PTC Computer Solutions, with ideas […]

6 Tips to Engage Prospects & Clients

6 Tips to Engage Prospects & Clients By David W. B. Parker, CEO PTC Computer Solutions 8/11/2015 Do you struggle to get your fans to engage? Are you interested in ideas to get people talking? Simple content ideas can give you something to talk about, even if you feel like […]

PTC-Computer-Solutions-Process Flow Diagram employed by PTC Computer Solutions and REMA

REMA-Who-What-How-Diagram - defining your prospect

Data is NOT Analysis

Many businesses believe if they collect data they have some knowledge of what their prospects are interested in.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The fact is that data, in a traditional sense, is almost definitively unimportant in today’s world of diversity and change. “Information is NOT knowledge.”  ~  […]

The Stephen Fund

CLIENT: The Stephen Fund PROJECT: The Stephen Fund Website COMPANY HEADQUARTERS:  Jacksonville, Florida SERVICES: Website development, Graphics Arts, Graphics Design, PHP Programming, Java Coding DESCRIPTION: The Stephen Fund website was designed and developed by PTC Computer Solutions. The Stephen Fund Celebrate Life…Live Every Day… Stephen George William Parker was born […]

PTC-Clients-Screenshots-The Stephen Fund, supporting cancer research and beautifying the world around us

PTC-Clients-Screenshots-The Real Estate Marketing Alliance

Real Estate Marketing Alliance

CLIENT: The Real Estate Marketing Alliance PROJECT: The Real Estate Marketing Alliance Website COMPANY HEADQUARTERS:  Jacksonville Beach, Florida SERVICES: Website development, Graphics Arts, Graphics Design, PHP Programming, Java Coding DESCRIPTION: The Real Estate Marketing Alliance website was designed and developed by PTC Computer Solutions. Providing Developers, Builders and HOAs support […]

We were happy to trade out some rugs for trees thanks to PTC.

We aren’t a large inventory oriental rug provider in Jacksonville, and the industry is such that a regular hosting and web maintenance are difficult for us to come up with regular monthly payments.  PTC Computer Solutions was helpful in accepting the old fashioned bartering method by accepting some of our […]

We were glad to have PTC Computer Solutions around.

We needed a network and office support team to help our business out.  PTC Computer Solutions was available when we needed them at a moment’s notice.  They were flexible and capable of handling any number of things we needed from handling our network needs to working with our individual employees […]

PTC Computer Solutions worked with us to create the best website!

There is no question that we could have utilized any number of website developers, but PTC Computer Solutions was receptive and flexible to our requests for customizing our site how we wanted. They were able to create a site that exceeded our expectations and has opened us up to many […]


Xero Gravity Action Sports

CLIENT: Xero Gravity Action Sports Resorts PROJECT: Xero Gravity Action Sports Website COMPANY HEADQUARTERS:  Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida SERVICES: Website development, PHP programming, CSS, HTML, Java coding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography, Google Analytics, Database Development, SQL Database Programming, ASP Coding DESCRIPTION: The Xero Gravity Action Sports website was designed […]

West Coast Australia Compliance

CLIENT: West Coast Australia Compliance PROJECT: West Coast Australia Compliance Website COMPANY HEADQUARTERS:  Perth, Australia SERVICES: Website design & development, WordPress, Photography, Graphics Arts, Graphics Design, Logo Design & Development, Content Development, Credit Card Development & Processing, Blogging, Photography, Video Processing, Video Development, Advertising Media DESCRIPTION: The West Coast Australia […]

PTC-Clients-Screenshots-West Coast Auto Compliance


Victoria Park, Deland, Florida

CLIENT: REDdot Marketing PROJECT: Victoria Park Website COMPANY HEADQUARTERS: Deland, Florida SERVICES: Website development, Graphics Arts, Graphics Design, Database Development, PHP Programming, Content Management Development, SQL Programming, Cold Fusion DESCRIPTION: The Victoria Park website was designed by REDdot Marketing and developed by PTC Computer Solutions. Conveniently located 20 minutes from New […]